Make your website Work for you

Our WordPress websites is designed to work for you while you work on your business. An optimised website results in great Google rankings and search positions. A seamless user experience ensures happy viewers, leads and repeat customers. 

We create optimised, template-based WordPress websites that allow you to build trustworthy brand awareness, serve your customers and allow new ones to find you more easily.

Affordable WordPress Websites

Why we choose WordPress

For business owners, a website is inevitable but can seem incredibly expensive and daunting. Names like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Wix, and Squarespace are thrown around but all sound alien.

Each has its own benefits and some serve specific niches for websites with specific purposes. For instance, Shopify only makes sense if you’re running an online store. You’d never use this platform to start a blog.  Magento is in the same boat. Other website builders and platforms have more flexibility. They are able to perform many functions and those are typically the website builders that are most popular.

Everything from Squarespace to Wix has tools and accessibilities for certain skill levels, but we’ll explain why you should use WordPress over all of them.

  • WordPress is free and open-source
  • WordPress is easily adaptable, you can make any type of website and convert or add to it later
  • It supports numerous media types
  • It’s easy to learn and has a huge community to help to troubleshoot
  • The large community also comes with a large pool of developers who create third-party plugins
  • You can scale up and expand your website with themes and plugins
  • It doesn’t take a genius to manage
  • SEO is a top priority
  • You are able to have full control of your website
  • The blogging is hands down the best in the business
  • Everyone is doing it (43.2% of the internet to be precise)

Basic WordPress Websites cost

All WordPress website costs are not inclusive of domain and hosting charges. We offer these at a discounted rate. Copywriting will be quoted for separately.


Standard WordPress Website
ZAR 8,550
/once off
  • Four pages
  • Template
  • Basic copy editing
  • Development
  • Population
  • On-page SEO
  • Feature build i.e blog
  • Training


A three - four page website with Woocommerce pages and functionality
ZAR 12,000
/Once off
  • Three - four pages
  • Woocommerce shop
  • Woocommerce pages
  • Template
  • Theme builder
  • On-page SEO
  • Basic copy editing
  • Product picture design
  • Product upload (three)
  • Training


A simple one pager or holding page
ZAR 2,500
/Once off
  • 1 Page
  • Template
  • Development
  • Basic copy editing
  • Population
  • On-page SEO
  • Training

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