10 Tips for Improving Your Linkedin Content

Linkedin is so much more than a social network to boast about your latest qualifications and find jobs. With 875 million active users, building a network of professionals can be an invaluable lead generator for B2B sales. To unleash your inner #influencer you need to craft great content, consistently. 

Here are 10 tips for improving your Linkedin content

  1. Timing. The best time to post during the week (Monday-Thursday) is 10 am and on the weekend (Friday-Sunday) is 1 pm. 
  2. Hooks. Getting people to pay attention to what you have to say requires a fantastic opening line. Here are some easy examples of strong hooks:
    1. Ask a question, how did I finally get rid of [pain point]
    2. Use numbers, did you know x number of people experience [pain point]
    3. Social proof Here is a recent review from one of our customers
  3. Hashtags. Use hashtags, ideally 3-5 and never more than ten. For maximum effect mix common and niche hashtags. Looking for hashtag ideas? Use a hashtag generator
  4. Selfies. Personal posts with selfies get 3 x more engagement and up to 2.5 x more reach. 
  5. Don’t double-post! Tempting as it may be to reshare and post multiple times a day, posts that are within 18 hours of each other reduce reach by up to 15%. 
  6. Engage. The first 90 minutes determine your posts’ success. Reply to every comment within the first 90 minutes to ensure maximum engagement. This sets your post-impression trajectory much higher for the next few hours. Use your company page to engage with personal posts for a boost. 
  7. Engage your network. After posting, comment on at least 3 posts from people in your network. On average, this increases your post reach by 20%.
  8. Revisit old posts. Adding a comment or two on a post after 24 hours relaunches them to get even more impressions. 
  9. Be consistent. Start with two posts per week and aim to work your way to five. At five or more posts per week, your follower growth should increase up to 5 times. 
  10. Enable creator mode. Enabling creator mode on your LinkedIn profile signals that you are looking to consistently produce content and become a thought leader. Enabling creator mode can boost your reach by up to 35%. 

How many of these 10 tips for improving your Linkedin content have you been implementing? Find out how you stack up on LinkedIn against others in your industry by checking your Linkedin Social Selling Index score (SSI) here.

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