5 Easy-To-Implement Campaigns For Christmas Marketing

Christmas is just around the corner! Soon you will be seeing (or maybe you already have) the big-name stores putting out their Christmas decor. The brain-infiltrating Christmas tunes will plague every trip to the mall. If you’re wanting to sell more this festive season, and why wouldn’t you, here are 5 clever Christmas marketing campaign ideas for your SME. 

  1. Let the countdown begin! For the 25 preceding days before d-day (the last day to get orders out in time for Christmas) offer a diminishing % off special. For example, with 25 days to go offer 25% off, 24 days to go 24% off, all the way down to d-day at 1% off. This campaign encourages early buying and urgency with customers knowing that tomorrow the price will go up!
  2. Free shipping on everything. You might lose out on some products but the chances are that people will bundle enough items together that you will still make up your shipping cost. 
  3. Donate. Christmas is about spending quality time with friends and family but not everyone is so lucky. This Christmas offer to donate a % of your proceeds to a chosen charity. You would be surprised at how big of a difference you can create in someone’s life with even a small donation.   
  4. Elf on a shelf. Remember that cute and sometimes mischievous elf that by magic moves every night? Move them around your site! Hide the elf in product images, on different pages, or on your social media pictures. On your website, you can use these as Easter eggs to give observant clients a discount code. This is a fun way to keep your audience coming back to the site and looking around at all your different products. 
  5. Custom Christmas packaging. Reduce waste and your clients’ hassle by offering gift wrapping and delivering gifts that are fit for the foot of the tree.

Bonus tips for Christmas marketing campaigns

  • Just like you, courier companies get super busy during this period. Set yourself a last final date for orders (D-day if you will). The aim is that if your customers order by this date, they are guaranteed to get their orders in time for Christmas. Remember, that doesn’t mean Christmas day! It means in time to give it to receive it on a working day, wrap it and give it to someone else. This date depends on how quickly you can fill and send out orders but we recommend no later than the 10th of December. 
  • Use some custom packaging and offer a Christmas card option that includes a custom message from the purchaser. You can even add an option on your online store to have the parcel delivered directly to the recipient. This small service that you can charge for, makes your customers feel extra loved and helps them to give a beautiful gift with very little effort.
  • Inside your amazing packaging, make your new customers aware that uploading a selfie with their present (tagging your company and using your #) means that you will donate some money to your chosen charity. This spreads festive goodwill and increases brand engagement and awareness. Win-win. 

If you loved this blog post then check out the rest of them here. If you’re not sure which direction to go in when it comes to your Christmas marketing campaign, reach out and let’s create some festive sales for your business. (Pssst…The first 3 emails in our inbox with the subject line  “I love Christmas” will get an hour strategy session with the team for free! Our gift to you.)

Merry Christmas! 🎄.