Make a great FIRST IMPRESSION with Corporate branding

Looking good is 90% of the work right? Okay, not really but it definitely helps! Well-coordinated corporate branding streamlines your employees and leaves a lasting impression with anyone who comes into contact with your business. We not only create the concepts and designs but we manage the whole process from beginning to end to ensure you always look your best without any hassle.

Agora corporate branding


We’ve done a range of clothing and gifts and have grown a trusted network of suppliers and gained priceless knowledge and expertise in this area. We create the design and manage the project from start to finish to ensure your needs are heard and met. Whether you know what you need or you’d like some guidance, we’ve got the solution. Get in touch with your requirements or ideas and let’s make something beautiful together.

Agora corporate logo branding
MD Miller corporate clothing
Agora marketing corporate branding
Agora corporate branding


Logo and Shirt design

Hillcrest Villagers

These Comrades Marathon club shirts were so much fun to work on! Hillcrest Villagers Athletics Club tasked us with using their Hillcrest Marathon to design a logo and create a shirt for their 2023 Comrades Runners and Supporters.

We wanted to make something more modern and minimalist, with more appealing colours than what running clubs usually do, something people want to wear.

The blue pattern is the iconic Comrades Marathon route. The runners were taken from their Hillcrest Marathon imagery and the finish line tape was a client request. We loved the outcome!

Agora Marketing corporate branding shirt design
Branded Johnson overalls for MD Miller Racing


M.d. Miller Racing STables

Sterling Miller

Thank you. All the stuff is amazing, I’m super impressed, and I’m sure the clients will love it. Honestly had the best feedback from the owners so far. 

“Those gifts are brilliant, thank you so much.”

Best-dressed Groom Award

Seven of the Grooms from M.D. Miller Racing stables were awarded the 'Best dressed Groom' award for 2021. Some grooms even winning it more than once. Seeing our corporate branding in the spotlight was an amazing feeling. They look spectacular!